Next article from full game tutorial series has been posted:

Part 11. Loading level from xml, platforms and coins.

See how to easily parse xml level file, cr
Hello people, full game tutorial new two articles have been posted, here they are, enjoy:
I see growing popularity of this blog, that`s why I would like to get some feedback about how do you rate my blog and work generally, please submit your vote, and if possible leave comment. 500 unique visitors daily is quite good for such a small development community, but only small percentage leaves any feedback, so here`s your opportunity. Thanks.
Hello, finally after longer time I just posted new articles from full game tutorial series. It took long time because I was away from home. Today posted two new articles, and also UPDATED/RE-FACTORED article 4, 5 and 6! If you were using them before today (21.01.2013) please read them again, and update your code, otherwise you will have loads of issues/errors. 

New articles (part 7 and 8)

Next two articles will be posted tomorrow (22.01.2013)
Don`t you have real device to test your project? You are forced to use default android SDK emulator with pathetic performance/fps rate? Follow this article to learn how to use super fast emulator, you will also learn how to combine it with eclipse to use is straight while developing inside eclipse, just like you would use normal emulator, with one difference, smooth performance. Since this emulator provides great performance, you can create promo videos easily (using 3rd party tools, like Camtasia Studio) 

After bit longer time, but finally here, full game tutorial articles series is ready in 50%. Published 6 articles, visit tutorials section for links, or use those (read more in post!)

Hello everyone, I announced that I will publish tutorials series about creating full game, I also said it should be ready till the end of this weekend, but there will be little delay, here`s some information (read more)

Hello, since I promised that soon I will start tutorials series about creating full game project, I came with an idea of Newsletter. This way you will be able to be first who fill be notified about new articles and tutorials. Please subscribe using following link. Stay updated! Use following link:
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Hello people, since I covered mostly all most important and common concepts of the engine so far, I believe it would be good time to introduce tutorials series about full game development, what do you think? Please vote below:

I know it has not much to do with my blog subject, but since I received some questions, from people asking how much can I earn on such blog like mine, I will try to answer on this question, providing some statistics and details. Read more.


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