Hello, I want to inform, that there were some updates and changes on the blog, created yet another tutorials section, related to the touch events. There are also some new articles posted, check them now:

Which means I am happy to announce, that currently there are 81 articles/tutorials available (5 related to the joint types, temporary disabled) Cheers - Matthew.
Long time since I posted something, so here it is, as I promised few days ago, I will start extending physics section of my tutorials, starting with Joints Series, showing how to create joints, pointing out differences between them and giving some suggestions how can you utilize them in your game, two articles posted so far, more will be posted regularly. And on the end of this series, there will be little application ready to be downloaded showing examples of the joints.
Hope you will enjoy it, Matthew.
Hello everyone, some people were asking about that, so I decided to respond to those request, and start making more physics related tutorials (unfortunately, my current physics tutorials, covers only some theory and most important things) so its time to change it, I will start with some joints tutorials, showing differences between them, examples, controlling them and making some game-play features combining those f
Here`s next video showing progress of my upcoming game, Construction city - finally managed to implement really important feature, proper line/rope. Check this video showing two cool cranes (tower crane & telescopic crane at work!)
Hey all, I would like to share status of developing my game, construction city, here`s little "gameplay" video, please have a look, there are 10 completely controllable construction vehicles, cranes, digger, pusher, tipper, forklift and more! There are thematic 5 worlds, each has 21 levels.
There is also user friendly, built in - level editor, so every player will be able to create his own stunning level, by creating ground, putting objects and vehicles he like on the scene.
Still bit work left to do, but so far it looks not bad, what you think? Cheers, Matthew.
Few days ago, I have purchased new phone, Samsung Galaxy S3, it seems to be really great phone, I bought it mostly for development purposes, such as testing my games. I found that for long period of time there was big mistake in my tutorials (and not only in mine, this issue was not noticed in many tutorial, and even professional book about andengine) which means its good to mention it.

I was teaching that its worth to close game by calling System.exit(0) on onDestroy method to make sure that our activity is actually killed (some devices tends to keep your activity alive which leads to some issues) - read more for fix.

Hi there, I wanted to mention that I am currently looking for a job, or some-kind of intern-ship, I found it quite difficult to find anything even with proofs of experience and knowledge. I believe its matter of age (19) and the fact that I have not completed university degree yet.

Does any of you have any tips ?  I currently live in United Kingdom,
I just posted final articles (no. 14 and 15) of the full game tutorial series. Also as a bonus, included full game project source code ready to be downloaded.

Traps, different platform types
Level complete window

Now I would like to post some new articles generally about and-engine. I am planning to post some more advanced physics articles, about joints etc.

Cheers, Matthew.
Hello people, lately I have not published anything, its because I am currently moving to the different flat so it takes some time to move all those stuff etc. Please expect new articles about full game tutorial to be posted on Friday. Another news I would like to introduce,  in next few days, I decided to start developing open source (git project) xml android level editor, something like my editor included in my work, but much more advanced and more flexible, probably inflowing physics editing. I believe it will be useful for developers : )

PS: Yesterday I noticed LARGE boost in visitors, somehow yesterday my website have been visited by more than 1500 unique visitors, which is like 300% of my usual visitors, thanks :)
After longer period without posting anything, here it is, two longer articles for full game tutorial series, part 12 and 13, showing how to create and control player, pick up coins, set up camera limits (bounds), handle player die event, display game over message and prevent player for multiple jump without firstly touching ground, enjoy. 

Bonus: included current source code for player and game scene classes, you can download in article part 13!


    I am 19 years old android game developer from Poland, currently live in United Kingdom.