Hello people, I have finally published my first Android game, Construction City! Can I please ask you to DOWNLOAD and RATE it? It would be super useful for me, since its important at beginning to get visibility!

If my blog and my articles are helpful for you, please help me now! Thank you so much, wish me luck :)!
Obaid Ul Qayyum Qureshi
10/1/2013 08:04:56 pm

Best of luck...And just want to know one thing. That how much time is required to learn AndEngine first and than how much time required to built a game. Last thing. How much time you invested in this game? Really sorry about my english. Am new to andengine as well.

10/2/2013 08:29:35 pm

Hello, it all depends on how much personal effort you are ready to invest and what is your current experience, it is my first ever game, took me 6 months to develop, with many breaks because of designer inactivity.

10/16/2013 10:40:23 pm

I think you did an amazing job with this game.
I did a review on my website here:

I hope you like it! :)

Anyway I know you are using AndEngine. I strongly suggest to try libgdx because it's amazing! :)
The best feature is to test your game from desktop!

10/16/2013 11:38:40 pm

Thank you for review :) I am thinking about switching to the different engine, but has not decided yet.

11/9/2013 03:41:28 am


Gratz with you application :).

IF i can ask, Why you want to switch to the different engine? do you have a lot of bug reports from users or it is another reason ?

Kind Regards

2/12/2018 07:16:42 pm

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10/25/2013 01:41:22 am

Hello Matthew,
congratulations! You've got a deserved 5 star rating from me.

I noticed your game is very popular. You are on rank 3 here in Germany in the "Brain & Puzzle" Category.
What kind of marketing did you do for your game, if I may ask?

10/25/2013 03:19:18 am

Thank you, I am planning posting new series of tutorials, about Google play store, marketing, advertisements companies, my thoughts and experiences etc. My marketing did not involve any money, it was pure organic users gain (forums, websites, facebook etc) will post some articles soon.

10/25/2013 09:24:12 pm

Thanks, for your answer! I'm very curious about your new postings. Because even the best game is nothing worth, if no one is playing it.

How many downloads does your game have in Austria? Your game is on rank 2 in this country and I would like to know how many downloads per day are necessary in such a "smaller" country to reach such a high rank position?
I know, asking about real download numbers is very indiscreet, so if you don't want to answer, it is also ok :)

Best regards

12/13/2013 08:02:22 pm

We are looking forward to this article... Please also tell about ads compaines.

10/26/2013 04:58:37 am

Hello Martin,

if I analysed exported statistics CSV file properly, I have 25.000 downloads from Austria (with 1.250.000 total installs worldwide) As I said I will prepare new series of articles about publishing/marketing/market it self/revenues etc.


Suraj Hande
2/12/2014 10:56:31 pm

Hope you do it soon Matthew. I would like to know a few tips from you regarding marketing. Your game is awesome BTW

11/2/2013 11:17:55 pm

Hello awesome game !
I would want to ask you which resolutionpolicy you used for this cool game?

12/10/2013 04:43:48 am

Matim, congratulations!!! I've been reading your blog since the begining of this year and I can see a marvelous progress and an amazing product here!
Best luck to you man!!

12/10/2013 08:18:54 am

Thank you ; )

5/19/2014 05:19:48 pm

Really awesome game.. You mentioned in your previous comment that you are thinking of moving out of andEngine. As a developer who is thinking of starting to use andEngine, that is scary :). Can you tell why you want to move out of it?

7/30/2014 12:15:48 am

that's a great game there. well done.
But, did i hear that you made the whole game yourself.
i mean you made it in approx 6 months, and there is a hell lot of things to do like graphics, animation, level design, scenes entities etc

Man your game is none less than angry birds.
How did you do all that by yourself in just 6 months.

8/23/2016 01:52:05 am

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4/29/2017 04:06:10 am

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7/24/2017 11:22:50 pm

My marketing did not involve any money, it was pure organic users gain (forums, websites, facebook etc) will post some articles soon.

7/25/2017 05:10:05 am

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