Hello people, since I covered mostly all most important and common concepts of the engine so far, I believe it would be good time to introduce tutorials series about full game development, what do you think? Please vote below:
1/1/2013 04:19:24 pm

Will you please do this because I just started with Andengine and it would make a lot of things easier

1/2/2013 12:41:14 am

Yes, I can confirm, can confirm that I will publish tutorials serie about creating and managing full game (there will be few articles, because there will be quite lot of stuff to explain and cover, first article will be probably ready tomorrow, and rest till the end of this weekend) I am also thinking about what kind of game it should be.

1/4/2013 08:57:26 pm

I wish the game would be like mario etc .. which users can develop it more into a better game with your help and tuts

Blass Rabbit
1/5/2013 01:11:27 am

My vote is for platform games!

the thing is
1/5/2013 09:38:42 am

Use XML level loader to do a platform game!

1/5/2013 10:13:59 am

47 voted yes, and one no (hehe) so as we can see such tutorials will be useful for some people, as promised, you can expect first tutorials starting from tomorrow. I think some kind of platform game might be okay, but for sure different than mine currently developed (I think I do not have to say why) Cheers :)


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