I know it has not much to do with my blog subject, but since I received some questions, from people asking how much can I earn on such blog like mine, I will try to answer on this question, providing some statistics and details. Read more.
First of all, my blog/tutorials/websites - I never planned to earn anything with it. Why? Its simple conclusion, because AndEngine development "community" is relatively small, so it would be hard to expect any sense meaningful earnings. My main purpose of this blog, was to help different people, because I always enjoyed to help, share my knowledge and make others people life simpler.

As you probably noticed, I DO display advertisement on my website, but I believe its not annoying, ads are static not disturbing, flying, popping etc.

1. Some statistics:

- my blog exists since June 2012 (6 months so far)
- 30.000 unique visitors
- 70.000 vists
- 300.000 page views
- 67% views from returning visitors
2. Earnings:

Unfortunately its against terms of services of the adsense advertising project, but the only thing I can say, my approx. click rate it < 1%. So as you can assume, with such rate, and limited page views, you can not expect much.

Never hoped to earn on it, my main goal is to generate proper income from my applications, wish me luck! Hopefully this bunch of statistics will be good answer for those people asking me about it, thanks!

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