After years without posting, I am back! Please take a minute to download, rate and share my new game please! After success of first version with over 10 million downloads, I decided to publish a sequel!
iOS and PC version will be published soon!
Please RATE and SHARE! Thank you!

Hello people, I have finally published my first Android game, Construction City! Can I please ask you to DOWNLOAD and RATE it? It would be super useful for me, since its important at beginning to get visibility!

If my blog and my articles are helpful for you, please help me now! Thank you so much, wish me luck :)!
Hello, lot of people were requesting this article, so here it is! In this article, I am showing two common ways how to restart/clean-up your scene or level. Hope you like it.

Okay, finally I can say the development of my game Construction City has been finished. We are currently performing alpha tests and will be releasing the game soon. Here's a trailer showing some gameplay features and mainly focusing on built-in level editor. Watch in 720p for the best quality!
It has been a long time since I posted anything recently, so wanted to make up this, asking you what kind of tutorials would you like to see, I will also try to post missed joints tutorials. There is constant, significant growth in visitors count, so it keeps me motivated. Post your ideas
Ahoy, I am writing to inform, that due to big amount of people requesting support from me almost daily (mail and Facebook) I have to note, that sometimes I am not able to answer for all requests on time, in most cases I help as much as possible. If you do not receive reply from me, there is possibility that I simply have not noticed it because of larger amount of emails or did not have enough of time unfortunately. In most cases, simply post your issues/andengine general questions on official andengine forum, where you have much bigger chance to get answer much quicker. Cheers.
1. Apparently I made mistake in my full game tutorial articles series. There were some issues, because there was unnecessary  check inside onDestroy() method inside our activity code. This is proper form (previously there was check for is game loaded flag which caused issues!) Proper form:
protected void onDestroy()
I have also updated AndroidManifest.xml file, adding configChange property fixing some issues while resuming our game, which is really important.

Articles part two and part seven were updated with fixes mentioned above. I have also uploaded updated source file of the project in the last article, part fifteen.  

2. Performance advice of the day: recently I noticed that many people are making the same issue, mistake related to restarting of your game/level. Many people mistakenly register many update handlers to the ENGINE instead of to the SCENE. For example FPS logger, like: 

 engine.registerUpdateHandler(new FPSLogger()); 

And now lets say we perform game restart (disposing game scene, and initializing it again) Conclusion? Since update handler was registered to the engine, not to the scene, and it has not been unregistered manually, while initializing our scene after restart again, another instance of update handler is registered, over and over. So we have two choices:

  • register update handlers to the scene, so you will not have to remember about un registering them while restarting your game scene.
  • or remember to unregister update handler from engine before registering the same again 

Preventing from duplicating update handlers is really important, since update handlers are executed on regular basis, it might be important performance tip.
Hello, today one of the AndEngine community members, came with idea of creating library of details about android devices we own. Those details might be extremely valuable while developing our games (for example while receiving crash report on certain devices) Currently I will try to collect following device information:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Ram
  • Storage
  • Screen resolution (pixels)
  • Heap size (MB)
  • API level

See this for more information and currently gathered details.
I have not posted anything lately yet again, well that`s because development of my game takes a lot of my free time, here`re some new screenshots : )
Hello everyone, I would like to encourage you to check this awesome game published by Matthias Lange, its called Crazy Wheels, have a look on the game-play video below:
It is another polished game created using AndEngine:

  • Mix of "Hill Climb Racing", "Road Trip" and Monster Truck
  • Hills, bridges, stones, ramps, boost/nitro collectables
  • 10 cars (upgradable)
  • Tapjoy
  • Swarm/Scoreloop/HeyZap (haven't decided yet...)
  • Free game+ads (with in-app purchases)

Do not hesitate to download it, and obviously if you are kind enough, rate and comment it, lets help each other!


    I am 19 years old android game developer from Poland, currently live in United Kingdom.